Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Military POSERS ~ What Harm?

Posers ~ Who are they, what are they and what harm do they do? I could write a friggin book on this subject, and I might! Posers are by definition: someone who says-thinks-believes he/she is something/was something other than what they truly are/were.

The guy to the right is a POSER. He has "NEVER, EVER" served in the US Navy. He bought the uniform at a Surplus store and put it on and had someone take the pictures. He put them on his MySpace and then Lied to Girls telling them he was a NavySEAL. Read the story below about how he got BUSTED by Me and some "Real" US Navy SEALS!

We've all seen one or more in our lives at one time or another. The guy standing on the side of the road with a cardboard sign saying "Vietnam Vet, Will work for food", you also notice he's about 40 years old, which means he was 8 or 9 when Vietnam ENDED. The guy in the bar telling the war stories about being an Army Ranger or a Navy SEAL... but when asked cant tell you what bud/s class they graduated from or where or when they went to Ranger School Q course.

Who are they harming? You want a simple answer? EVERYONE. Their lies and stories can go from innocent conversations in a bar to outright matters of National Security Interest and VA Fraud. Most of the clowns I have helped to bust claiming to be former Navy SEALS usually are in it for the prestige and to get womens attention. The majority of the losers I have "outed" have never, ever worn the uniform of the United States Navy or any other service for that matter. Again the list goes on and on as to the extent of their fraud. Some just "Say" they were Navy SEALS, others go to extravagent measures and actually BUY uniforms, medals and SEAL Tridents. They take pictures of themselves and post on MySpace pages to drawn in unsuspecting women with fantasy stories.

Why spend the time when there's no reward? There IS reward. A good friend of mine named Steve Robinson is United States Navy SEAL. He wrote a book called "No Guts- No Glory". Its about Navy SEAL Posers. If you havent read it, get a copy and read it - it will open your eyes like nothing you can imagine. Contact me for more information or click the link below to go to Steve's Website.

Steve Robinson (Navy SEAL) Website: http://www.moosecreekforge.com/special.html

When someone brings me some information on a possible phony SEAL I go to work doing alot of background investigation. In many cases I dont confront these individuals myself but contact friends who are Navy SEALS to talk to them. Then again sometimes I do confront them and alert SEAL's who need to be notified. I look at it this way, its a SEAL Trident, I'm NOT a Navy SEAL. I just work to help keep the community clean along with them and beside them as a brother Sailor and Shipmate.
Most of the time these friends who are Navy SEALS will confront the person after I have done investigations and found that they are NOT listed in the Bud/s database. You see, there is a database of every single man that has sucessfully completed Navy SEAL Bud/s and been awarded the Trident and the honor and distinction of being a true US Navy SEAL. Steve Robinson is a SEAL Authenticator and has up to date information to verify someone's claim of being a SEAL. Most posers dont know that this exists and that their name can be verified within minutes.

So, other than be braggarts, what harm are these clowns doing? There are scores of women who have been duped into believing these type of lies and have been defrauded of money, security and other things. A number of times I've seen these individuals wearing uniforms with Medals, Trident, Aircrew Wings and assorted other crazy stuff. Some people who've never been in the Military say its "no big deal" - but to a former Military man, "Its a Big Deal".

This is one of those "RARE" times where I DID confront someone at first myself. This was because the person had never been in the Military and was wearing MY uniform and wings besides wearing the Trident. Anyway, the picture of the IDIOT above is the clown in question. I just happen to come across him on a MySpace page. He had a "Publicly Open" page, a NavySEALS background on all over the place. Everything was about the Navy SEALS in his identity. In his "About Me" part he talked about how he had lived so many places and seen so much it was "Unbelievable" ~ Actually, YES - it was "Unbelievable"... He had Never been IN the United States Navy and of course never had been a Navy SEAL. Besides wearing only Part of the Navy Uniform, he had a set of Air-Crew Wings, wings which I had worked for almost a year to earn myself on P3C Orion Aircraft and some other award we couldnt identify. After running his name through the Navy Bud/s Database and through Military.com's database he wasnt in either. I contacted him and he was beligerent with me. He stated that if I had a problem with him wearing a Navy Uniform that I should take it up with Surplus Stores.

Then he mentioned something about a "Freedom of Uniform Act" - which of course doesnt exist. The poor fool didnt know that by wearing the Trident he actually opened himself up to the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 for a huge fine and actual JAIL time. Just the Picture of him in that uniform WITH that Trident would have been enough to ruin his life for at least a year. He knew that I was on the East Coast and continued to be beligerent toward me so I contacted a good friend who is a Navy SEAL out in California who in turn talked to some of his buddies. They managed to "convince" him that taking the pictures off his MySpace page was a very GOOD idea.

In the meantime I had copied most of the friends and contacted them and laid it out that he was a "Poser" and what he was doing and saying. What was funny was that the girls were pissed off at him for trying to pull one over on them. Almost every one of them said something didnt sound right with the guy. One said that his stories sounded like it was something out of a book. Almost every single one of them said Thank You for telling them what a loser he was for lying to them. This one was just trying to get girls into bed, others are more devious....

I might add, besides this numnutz not having EARNED the right to wear this uniform, he is so Obviously screwed up it isnt funny and he doesnt even know it:
1. No Kerchief around the Jumper (thats a biggie)
2. No Rank Insiginia (worst of all)
3. No Ribbons at all (What, not even Natl Defense! Geez!)
4. Salute competely wrong not 45 degree's (Howdy doody salute)
5. Pants NOT regulation should be 13 button (dug them out of his closet)
6. Cover NOT squared away on head (Watched too many movies)

Where is the Common Sense?

This election has drawn out the crazies on both sides, where has Common Sense gone? I'll answer that ~ right out the window. The pitch of both sides of this campaign are becoming almost fevered. You see in the news where some clown shoots some teenagers for vandalizing his McCain sign. A young - STUPID girl who volunteers for the McCain campaign lies about an assault where someone supposedly carved a "B" into her cheek. Looking at this disturbed young lady's Myspace page you see she even states that she lies because its easy.

That's just the Republicans. Take the Liberal Democrats and how they have treated John McCain and its disgusting. The main point is that they KNOW John has done more, sacrificed MORE, given MORE to the Country than Mr. Obama will EVER be able to give. So ~ how do you counter this life of service? You throw absolute lies and falsehoods out in the public. The rabid leftist will grab it like a Hobo with a Ham Sandwich and not let go...even when they know the truth.

Why is this? We don't have to lie about Obama and what he stands for or represents, he has made that very clear. But are the left SO drastically desperate to have the United States become a Socialist Nation that they will say Anything, do Anything, be Anything to get him elected? YES ~ they are.

Go to YouTube and watch the recently released video of John McCain in a North Vietnamese hospital. Look at the over 5,000+ comments under this video. Note that this video was released by the lady who owns the rights to it in FRANCE. Why? Who knows. I have spent some hours talking with and also harpooning Idiots comments there. Why? Because they were so baseless and stupid I could not in good faith let them stand unopposed.

What am I talking about? When the "Keyboard Commando's". I kid you not, these are actual comments by LIBERALS about this video and about John McCain. These are the copy and pasted comments from "Real Loser's", people who cant seem to get their own head out of their ass long enough to breath and make coherent statements. Instead, they make stupid if not downright idiotic statements which shows their lack of maturity, respect and in most cases a severe and profound lack of functioning brain cells. I'm not making this stuff up:

  • He cant even fly a plane
  • He sucked as a pilot, he deserved to get shot down
  • He is "posing" for that video (how the hell did he do that?)
  • God bless you john McCain for bombing children. what a hero.
  • There is no such thing as a HERO in an illegal war...what we did to those people and their families was murder and genocide...and all so they could smuggle drugs in and out of that country. SICK MEN!
  • Looks like he has it tuff lying in that bed smoking a cig.
  • What is trying to encourage kids to smoke!!! I can't vote for him. Screw that!!
  • McCain doesn't appear to have been tortured in this video. Where did he receive his injuries?
  • songbird traitor!
  • Hero's don't get captured
  • Hopefully he has a heart attack the very same day Obama is declared President, seriously what a loser! Getting anal raped in Vietnam must've really messed him up.

NOW you see why I call these lame brains "Keyboard Commando's". They get on a computer keyboard and they will literally type ANYTHING. They don't even realize how stupid they look, sound or even act just as long as they can RUN their mouths (Fingers). Where is the respect? Where is the honor that is due Senator McCain? They are commenting on things they have absolutely no business even talking about because 99% of them have ever even been in the Military! I found this out the other night, only ONE person I was arguing with had ever been in the Service. Although, this person said he was a Vietnam Veteran, stationed at Ton Son Nhut working for Air America. There is a problem with this ~ Air America operated out of Laos NOT South Vietnam (some supplies came from there but no continuous flight operations like he claimed). So besides being morons there are people getting on there and just outright LYING. But thats to be expected these days when lying has become rampant and those that continue this are un-repentent.

That evening I was an "Equal Opportuntity Offender". I jumped on both Republican & Liberals that night who strayed over the edges. I saw Republicans calling women posters the "C" word, and others getting on with horrible screen names that showed disrepect toward our African brothers. They got the same if not even worse of my wrath for their stupidity. We cannot sink as low as the ones we are trying to reach and expect a different outcome. My profile on YouTube is very visible ~ I am an Honorably Discharged, disabled Navy Veteran. I was also subjected to the same type of abuse from the majority of posters. The only redeeming thing was 3 or 4 people out of all of those showed me respect and I returned that honor. I thanked them for being civil and for treating me with respect. The next thing some other moron would say the most vile thing to me and it would start all over...

Where is the Common Sense, I have to ask?

Jim ~ The Swabbie